A River Misadventure

A few weekends ago I was invited to go on a Bachelorette River-Rafting-Wine-Tasting Extravaganza in Northern California with a good friend of mine. She is an adventurous gal and I should have known I was in for a little more than I bargained for. I envisioned a lazy day floating down the American Fork River and then wine tasting in the very beautiful but little known El Dorado County wine country. Little did I know that the river had other things in mind for me and my pals.

The first 10 minutes down the river were a piece of cake. We spent a few minutes surfing on the Chilli Bar and then our guide started describing the next section of rapids we were about to head down that were aptly named “the Meatgrinder.” I only really remember him saying “You don’t want to fall out in this because it goes on for awhile” and then how we were going to be paddling in a precise manner to avoid hitting some big rock. La-di-da-di-da… Next thing I know our raft hits said rock and my side of the boat starts getting sucked under water. As the raft started to tip over I gave up on life and voluntarily fell into the roiling water expecting to drown my way to the ocean. I accepted this fact without much of a fight I am sad to say.

After popping up and down through some big icy waves I looked to my right and saw some Aussie yelling at me to swim for my life! For one split second I dismissed her and was fully prepared to float on to my doom.Thankfully I did not go on to get my head smashed into a rock and instead swam like a crazed Olympian to just barely grab her paddle and get pulled into a boat full of unsuspecting saviors. I believe at this moment I was laughing and crying at the same time. I had surely just missed death and on my flight home that night my plane would definitely crash Final Destination style into the side of a mountain. Needless to say I am still alive, but will probably not be testing my fate on another river anytime soon. Rivers: 2 Kate: 0 Yes, that’s right, I almost drowned once in a river in Florida while diving for Megaladon fossil teeth. But I’ll save that for another day….

ImageImageWe actually got zero pictures of our raft being flipped. These pics are of us going through another rapid later on. As you can see we are terrified of swimming again. Our guide said it was the first time he had flipped a commercial raft in his 30 years of guiding.

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