Tara McFierce

I have been a huge fan of Tara McPherson since ohhh 2005 or so when she started collaborating with KidRobot (back when I used to buy loads of Dunnys!!). Her work makes me drool, especially when seen up close and personal. And since I am an ER nurse I gotta love all those open chest wounds, right? I crave her color palette so much I want to paint the inside of my house with Tara teal and I even thought about being one of the Lonely Heart girls for Halloween one year. She has 3 books of her work out now which are all fingerprinted and dirty in the case of my own copies. If some of her stuff seems familiar she used to do a lot of cool concert posters for bands like Stereolab and Kings of Leon.  And if you happen to live in the NYC area she has a new solo show opening at Jonathan LeVine Gallery on October 9th. Check it!!


Seriously cool right?

Photo Source: TaraMcPherson.com

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