Hotel Lust: Fogo Island Inn

I have some sick need to travel to places, very frigid places, in the dead of winter. And not for skiing or anything really worth the cold. Last year Joe and I went to Austria and Germany in January but we lucked out and it wasn’t too freezing. After living in Guam for a couple years and now in Southern California I am pathetically hypersensitive to any temperature below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Nevertheless I want to brave the cold and see the northern lights, penguins, and polar bears.

Destination numero uno: Fogo Island Inn.


The hotel is on Fogo Island which is off the coast of Newfoundland. “Far away from far away” as the website says. I have wanted to go to this area since visiting Halifax on my way to Afghanistan, much too briefly. It seems like this is one of the last areas of the western world that has not become very touristy. The Inn is situated on a rugged coast boasting panoramic views all around. Besides admiring the postmodern architecture there seems to be quite a lot to do here. There are opportunities to explore the unique subarctic ecosystem with local fisherman and experts, take drawing classes, or learn about the local artisans. The food is also supposed to be delicious and locally sourced. The entire place is furnished with local furniture and textiles. I can’t get enough. Please enjoy the pictures below.


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