Black’s Beach

I don’t know how I have lived in San Diego for over a year and I have never been to this beach. It’s beautiful and hard enough to get to that it’s basically empty, at least on a weekday. The water was warmer here than Coronado or Ocean Beach (not really sure why) but I spent a good 45 minutes swimming in the crystal clear waves. It was a perfect beach day….


On the way down there is a side trail that takes you up to this cliff with panoramic views of the La Jolla coast. All to myself….


The view hiking down through the sandstone cliffs.


Black’s Beach is also the local nudist beach so watching a few guys run by naked took some getting used to. Still plenty of beach that you can have a full football field between you and the nudies.

These will be the last of my crap iPhone pics, finally got the Sony NEX-6 which is charging up for use right this second! Good news!

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