A Day at the Newseum

“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.” -Abraham Lincoln

I can usually only stand about 2-3 hours in a museum before I can only focus on how much my back hurts and how I want to go the Museum cafe and get a snack and then possibly take a nap on a bench in some side hallway. I used to loooove museums when I was little, particularly the Museum of Natural History in NYC. I must have museum fatigue from my mom dragging my sister and I through every museum we came across.

Here to rekindle my Museum love affair is the Newseum.

This weekend I was in DC for (another!) wedding and I had the day with my Mom to explore a little of the city. I don’t think I had been there since 8th grade and a lot has changed. We were told by my sister and multiple other people that the Newseum is where it’s at. Right they were.

It’s located right near the National Mall where all the museums are, not hard to find. We started the day at Paul’s Bakery a few blocks away….delish French food with a very European style indoor and outdoor cafe. Yumm. Go ahead and eat a croissant, you know you want to.

The Newseum is 6 floors of temporary and permanent exhibits with lots of interactive gadgets to keep the kids away from the good stuff. Currently there is an exhibit called Capturing Camelot which was my favorite because I am increasingly interested in the Kennedys lately. Love this picture of JFK and Jackie.


The original flash news bulletin about Kennedy’s assassination.


I loved this billboard where people could post where they had been when JFK was killed.


An original front page announcing Marilyn Monroe’s death including this interesting tidbit about her condition on being found: “She was unkempt and in need of a manicure and pedicure.” How rude.


There was a really cool part of the Berlin wall on the ground floor with an exhibit about how journalists got information out of East Berlin.


Of course there was a big section devoted to the 9-11 coverage. Did you know the major networks didn’t play any commercials for the first 4 days after the attacks so they could have constant coverage? In the middle of the exhibit stood the broadcast antenna that was at the top of one of the towers. Warning: This area brings on the tears.


The 1st floor has a great section with all the Pulitzer Prize winning photographs. I never realized there were only 2 awarded every year. This part made me want to quit my job and become a photojournalist with my fancy new camera.

Well worth the visit!!! One ticket also gets you 2 days of admission if you want to break it up. And check out the exhibit on the dogs of the White House. Reagan’s is the cutest.

PS  The Navy Memorial is right down the street… I couldn’t help myself from flirting with this hunky sailor!


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