Dear Congress, thanks for the Tour.

Oh I almost forgot, thanks for the government shutdown too!! What a pleasure you all are. And all you Republicans looked so sharp in your suits, how could anyone say you’re the bad guys…I just don’t believe it. I won’t.

Alright, that’s enough political sarcasm for one post. I was lucky, or unlucky enough depending how you look at it, to get a tour of congress while it was in session 2 days before the government shutdown. A friend of a friend of mine is the legislative director for one of the congressmen so we got to go a little behind the scenes. I had never been in the Capitol and was like a giddy little kid learning about it all. I know shockingly little about the government and all its parts so I vowed to myself that I would finally read at least one of those books like 1776. I also always wanted to read a biography on every single president in the order that they were president. Maybe 2 on JFK….

Anyway, the best part of the tour was obviously going inside Congress and watching them give their fiery speeches about the upcoming doomed bill. I watched in disgust as some of the dems came up to speak and the republican side was so loud that the speaker had to smash his gavel a million times to shut them up. I asked our legislative director if it was normal that no one listened to the speeches and she said sadly, yes. And not only that, she said people just give the speeches to get a youtube video. Haha. America!!!!

If you are ever in DC go check this place out, even if you already did it on your 8th grade field trip. It’s so cool!




I wish I could have gone in and tin foiled his whole office.


I think this is where Johnny B takes a nap.


And I thought it was kinda cool that the Florida congressman had orange juice stocked in his office. Mimosas would help me get through my day there too.


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