Hotel Lust: explora Rapa Nui, Patagonia, and Atacama

While researching my upcoming trip to South America (4 months away! Ahhh!!) I came across a group of hotels called explora which are all about, you guessed it, exploring. There are 3 hotels in all; one in Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, the second is in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile, and the last is on Easter Island, natively known as Rapa Nui. The hotels are all borderline luxury with very unique architecture but that were built to allow you to immerse yourself in the surrounding environment. The best part about these hotels are that each one is more of a home base for all the daily expeditions you do which are included in the price of your stay. Every night you sit down with your guides and decide whether you are going to go horseback riding the next day, or climb up a glacier, or swim in some hot springs. And once you are done with a day adventuring you get to come back to these amazing hotels and eat a delicious dinner and then sit in a hot tub overlooking the gorgeous landscape. This is basically what I daydream about non-stop. Instead of hotel lust I should call it hotel porn.

As you can imagine a place like this ain’t cheap but everything is included in the price. Food, guides, comfy rooms, the spa and horses! Joe and I decided this was a once in a lifetime trip that we needed to take, but that it would not happen this year. Sad face. Instead we decided to book a similar trip with Tierra Atacama and are skipping Patagonia altogether this time. February could not come any faster!

explora Patagonia


explora Rapa Nui


I’m not posting any of Atacama because those will be coming from my own camera soon!

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One thought on “Hotel Lust: explora Rapa Nui, Patagonia, and Atacama

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