The best thing about living in San Diego is hands down the Zoo. Not fish tacos, not the beach, and definitely not SeaWorld (see Blackfish!) The San Diego Zoo is arguably the best zoo in the world and I live 7 minutes away from it. Not only that, I get in for free because I am in the military. I want to slap myself in the face I feel so lucky!! I take full advantage and during the winter months will usually go about once a week and hang out with my faves….the polar bears, orangutans and the mini hippos. I only really like the mini hippos because they let monkeys live with them and all the monkeys do all day long is abuse these silly hippos. Like they literally spend all day jumping on them and picking their noses, it’s so funny.

This time I got to bring my new camera with my fancy new lens. Still don’t really know what I’m doing yet but here are some shots.


This monkey was cracking me up. I wish I could have captured all his faces, he kept raising his eyebrows at me. We had a straight up eyebrow raising war.


I felt like a paparazzi following around this Cheetah on her walk. The people kept telling me to back up but I wanted to ride her like that movie about White Castle. She was huge!


Flamingos….so pretty minus the jaundice eyes.


Next time there will be some baby panda action.

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