Boston in the Fall

I spent the last 5 days visiting my friend Ginny in Boston and it was sooo relaxing. I haven’t seen leaves change since college in Vermont. That’s 7 years ago, at least…. The weather was brisk but not too freezing, a nice change from sunny San Diego. Checked many things off my list for this trip…. hot apple cider, New England clam chowder, Harpoon beer, fireplaces, used book stores, Salem witches and way too many carbs. What’s a vacation without carbs?

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I tore through Mrs. Kennedy and Me by Secret Service Agent Clint Hill while I was in Boston; seemed like the perfect destination for this book. Unfortunately didn’t get to visit the JFK Library while I was there even though it was right down the street. (Next time Ginny!) But back to the book– so interesting. Clint Hill was obviously in love with the lady so I feel like only good things were written about her. Nothing is mentioned about all of Jack’s affairs and how she handled them. As far as the author is concerned this woman never did a single thing wrong which was kind of annoying.

There are so many things that fascinate me about that era and that family. I think about them now and I am shocked at how uneducated the people in this country have become. Granted, JFK and Jackie were afforded top tier educations due to their wealth and status… but still. It saddens me. The Kennedys were so very intelligent and classy and now I see why people were so obsessed.

More biographies are currently stacking up on my bookshelf ready to read. Next up are the interview transcripts from 1964 right after the assassination when she was interviewed by Arthur Schlesinger. They were just released in 2011 by Caroline Kennedy after 50 years of being locked up. Jackie was notorious for never giving any interviews after she left the White House so this should be interesting and hopefully insightful. I just finished watching the televised White House tour she gave in 1962. She sounds like Marilyn Monroe. So breathy. It’s definitely worth a watch.


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