Time Vortex

Time Vortex

Happy New Year from Joshua Tree!!

Instead of the Polar Vortex everyone has been so uppity over, I have recently been stuck in the Time Vortex…a much more debilitating entity in my opinion. I don’t really know where the last 2 months have gone. Part of the reason for my long absence was not just the holidays actually, it was a SHARING problem. See, Joe and I share one little MacBook Air and since he is in Graaadd Schooool… he gets first dibs, much to my dismay. Where he goes, computer goes. I have an iPad but try my best not to use it for any kind of typing beyond a brief email. This problem will be resolved shortly when we get one of the Apple desktops. It’s amazing what one “needs” in this world, but being a one computer household is not cutting it. Adobe Lightroom here I come.

Big things coming in 2014. One month from today Joe and I are going on a 16-day adventure in South America. More to come on that. And then I have been slowly starting to train for a marathon, cross your fingers I get a lottery ticket for the NYC Marathon! Otherwise it’s going to be the Marine Corps in DC. And then lots more traveling…it’s going to be a very international year for us since last year’s wedding circuit left us broke yet miles-rich. Puglia, Italy, Istanbul, Singapore, Bali, maybe the Middle East. It’s going to be oh so fun!

I just got my Global Entry card so I can cut all those crazy custom lines at LAX, well worth the $100 and trip to Tijuana. Well, San Ysidro is practically Mexico anyway. Getting interviewed by a Border Control officer made my hands sweat a little. If you do a lot of international travel it is worth the trouble because you also get TSA precheck on all flights, including domestic. I sadly lost my United Silver status this year so I needed to find some way to fight the system, and this was it.

I also just took a pretty sweet photography class at Right Light Studios in San Diego, so more pictures on the way. I actually know what the buttons on my camera mean now, it’s a miracle. I know what Aperture is. Kind of. I plan to take more classes because apparently iPhoto editor can’t make my pictures better and I’ve been scamming the whole time, so says my instructor…. wahh.

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