Atacama: Part Dos

Days 3 and 4 were filled with some epic landscapes. On day 3 we drove to the Tara Salt Flats and made some stops along the way. I couldn’t believe my eyes at times, the view was just too beautiful. The colors, for a desert, seem so vibrant. The plants contrasted with the red of the earth and the blue of the sky so vividly, it’s hard to capture on camera. We drove past a marsh with wild pink flamingoes, and then past the tallest volcano in that area, Licancabur. There is a gorgeous green lake in the top of this volcano, but to get there you must hike. Since it’s so high (over 17,000 feet) it’s hard to acclimate before vacation is already over.

DSC01005DSC01026DSC01153DSC01045DSC01200DSC01158DSC01118Obligatory jump shot.DSC01214DSC01057DSC01181DSC01102The next day we woke up bright and early (4 am) to drive over an hour to the Tatio Geysers. This is Chile’s version of Yellowstone. You want to get there early so that the air is cold and the steam is more visible, but by cold I mean like 25 degrees. I did not pack for 25 degrees so Joe and I shivered our way through the geysers until the sun came up. There was another hot spring here that I almost jumped into fully-clothed.


On our way back we saw some cool ass llamas!

DSC01463DSC01481These 2 days could not have been any more dreamy, minus the freezing temperatures. Only 2 more sleeps in Atacama after this. More to come!

Geyser cooking tip: Our guides heated up chocolate milk IN the geysers to make hot chocolate. Best treat ever!


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