Atacama: El Fin!

For our last day in the Atacama Joe got me an extra horseback riding excursion because he knew how much I love horses. The guide, named Marcos, ended up being my own personal Marlboro Man. He smoked Marlboro reds and everything. He took us into the Valle de la Muerte (Valley of Death) which is a canyon of red rock and giant sand dunes. It was incredibly beautiful. We got to gallop through the sand dunes and the canyons as the sun was setting. Joe tried some trotting and did well enough although he looked to be in a moderate amount of physical pain. And I think he was jealous of Marcos who stole me away to race through a river bed, but he took it very well. All in all, best Valentine’s Day ever.

Marcos, The Marlboro ManP1000623P1000647P1000668P1000645P1000674P1000680DSC01436

Our last night at Tierra Atacama, so depressing!


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