Buenos Aires

For some inexplicable reason we decided it would be a good idea to stay in Buenos Aires for 7 nights and 8 days. We thought this would be a good amount of time to really get to know the city maybe? After arriving we soon realized that BA is a lot like any other big city in that you can get a little weary of it all rather quickly. That is, if you are not much of a city person to begin with. After being in wide open Chile it was a little claustrophobic in this hot and sticky metropolis. Buenos Aires certainly has a lot to offer and we had a great time, but I think Joe and I realized we are not city people in the vacation sense. So unless you are a lover of the big city life I would spend 3 days max here. That gives you plenty of time to see the sites and absorb the BA vibes.

Joining us in BA were Joe’s brother, John, and his girlfriend, Heather. John had spent a good amount of time here a few years ago so we were lucky to have someone who knew the city. We stayed at an Airbnb flat near Palermo Soho which worked out pretty well. BA is not expensive to begin with but this was definitely the way to go since we were staying so long. Palermo Soho was a really cute little neighborhood with some great restaurants, shopping and nightlife. Perfect place to get an apartment.

Highs- Steak, steak, steak. Black market $ exchanges, I felt like I was James Bond. Argentinian wine. Recoletta Cemetery. Tempting fate at a River Plate soccer match. (If the gates are guarded by police in riot gear, definitely think twice before entering) Cheap taxis. Listening to Joe and his masterful Spanish.

Lows- Dog poop. Everywhere. Joe was the only one to actually step in it which was pretty amazing. Being there during an economic crisis definitely made our trip a lot cheaper, but it was just sad. The Zoo was extremely depressing, don’t go.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageMost unenthusiastic dog-walking party ever.

ImageYou need barbed wire at soccer games…? Apparently, yes. Image

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