Colonia del Sacramento

To finish off my trip to South America I wanted to put up one last post of our day trip to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. If you are going to Buenos Aires and have a extra day to blow I highly suggest checking out this old and beautiful city across the river. As I said before, 7 days in BA is just too long. Too much dog poo, too little sidewalk. So, Joe and I decided to use our last day to take the 1 hour-long ferry across country lines and stroll around this lovely little town. While we were there we had some surprisingly great food, saw some picturesque sights and took a deep breath of the clean air. We arrived at around noon and left just after sunset which was a perfect amount of time, but if I were to do it again I would stay the night. The sunset was amazing!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageWhile walking through the old cobblestone streets we came upon a new-looking little boutique hotel called Charco and decided to make dinner reservations there. If I were to go back I would stay at this place in a heartbeat. So cute and serene, yet right down in the center of the old part of town and on the water. This is where we watched the sunset on their amazing deck and then had one of the best meals on our whole trip. The perfect night to top off a perfect vacation!

ImageImageHere are some pictures of the rooms at Charco from their website… and some decoration inspo.


PS. Right across the street from Charco was a really interesting little jewelry store.

Getting to Colonia: I suggest taking the Colonia Express ferries which are cheaper than the Buquebus ferries and much smaller. Go to the actual ticket places in BA because they do offer deals there. Of course you have to go through customs and immigration on both sides so that’s a little bit of a pain but they have streamlined it pretty well and we did not wait long. There is no reciprocity fee for Uruguay and you don’t need a visa, but do not forget your copy of the Argentinian reciprocity fee otherwise you will have to pay it again when you return back to BA which would be a huge bummer. If you are going on a summer weekend make sure to reserve your hotels and restaurants early because this place can get busy from what I heard. Bon Voyage!

3 thoughts on “Colonia del Sacramento

  1. Please note that the one hour difference time is not all the year round. Uruguay changes the hour zone from October to March, one hour ahead the Argentine time. The rest of the year the time is the same in both countries. This must be considered when booking trips or you could end missing your flight or ferry…

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