Safari Park

On top of having a Little Italy in San Diego we are lucky enough to also have a Little Africa, aka the San Diego Safari Park. I have somehow been to the San Diego Zoo about 4 dozen times and have not made it to the Park until recently. Probably because it’s kinda far away and a little more expensive (anything is more expensive than free, so thanks for the free admission for active duty military, oh generous zoo-people!) but I finally made it and it was pretty dang cool. I missed out on watching the cheetah run by at a million miles per hour, which my Dad was pretty upset about, but I did get licked by both a giraffe AND a rhinoceros. So, overall a win.

I mostly took pictures of the giraffes and rhinos but they had all kinds of animals here. Two of my favorites were the fruit bats and the lemurs. I have always had a love for bats after living in Minnesota when I was little. Every once in awhile one would find it’s way into our house from the attic and my mom would run around the house chasing it with a tennis racket while my sister and I would try and steer it out front door using blankets as flags. I don’t remember that ever working because we would usually have to nurse the little guys out of their trauma-induced coma post tennis racket-whacking. They were so cute, like little winged mice.

There were lots of baby everythings including gorillas, rhinos and giraffes. Our guide said that the safari park mainly serves as a breeding facility, so that means babies all year round. The park is separated into two parts; the zoo part and the safari part. You can walk through the zoo all day long but the safari part, where all the big asian and african animals are, is limited to vehicle safaris only. And of course, the vehicle safaris cost extra. It’s definitely not a cheap day but I think it’s very worth it. If you don’t plan on doing a safari or the cheetah run I think the SD Zoo is a better option.

ImageImageImageImageImageImage My very friendly new giraffe buddy and my Dad.ImageImageImageImageImage

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