Acadia National Park

As a getting out of the Navy present to myself I went on a little one month tour of the east coast and visited friends and family from Maine to Florida. My first stop was a 4-day camping trip in Acadia National Park with one of my best friends. I flew into Boston and we did the long drive up north with plenty of stops at Dunkin Donuts and Tim Hortons (why can’t the west coast have these??) This was my first ever trip to Maine despite living in Vermont for 4 whole years for my undergrad. I was pretty excited for some cool weather and sweet hiking.

Luckily we booked our campsite at Seawall a few months in advance and were able to get a beautiful site in the back of the campground which is on the southwestern side of Acadia National Park and about 30 minutes from Bar Harbor. It’s definitely a little more out of the way than a lot of the other campsites but it was quiet and clean and had a huge cement fireplace that we used extensively. We ended up driving by or walking through a few of the other campsites and found that Seawall was a lot less congested. And most importantly, it was located 5 minutes from a delicious lobster joint named Sawyer’s Lobster Pound. Talk about picturesque New England…

Sawyers Lobster Pound Seawall Acadia National Park

Lobster Roll at Sawyer’s

Lobster Shack Seawall Acadia

Sawyers Lobster Pound

Sawyers Lobster Pound

Sawyers Lobster Pound

Seafood Innuendo

One morning we went to Jordan Pond for a brunch consisting of their famous popovers and lobster stew. We made reservations in advance and ended up getting the best outdoor seat in the place. The food was delicious and the popovers were plentiful, not to mention the view which was perfect. Afterwards we walked off our meal with a 3 mile stroll around scenic Jordan Pond and watched loons diving in the water.

Jordan Pond Trail Acadia National Park Jordan Pond Sign Post Jordan Pond Maine Acadia Jordan Pond Popovers Acadia National Park Jordan Pond Acadia National Park Acadia National Park

Our second day we opted for a 9 mile hike up and down Cadillac Mountain, which is the highest point in Acadia. We started from Blackwoods Campground and sweated our way through the forest and up onto a sloped granite mountain which was covered in really beautiful Asian-looking pine trees. The trail was relatively empty besides a few couples and their cute dogs. After 2 hours or so of moderate hiking we made it to the top only to discover that there was a large parking lot full of tourist who had taken the easy way up via a bus. At least it was good to know that if you want to come up for a nice sunrise view you only have to drive 20 minutes instead of hiking 2 hours in the dark.

Cadillac Mountain Maine Acadia National Park

Bar Harbor Maine

Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor

Downtown Bar Harbor

Every morning we would make a cup of coffee, or tea in my case, and walk the 10 minutes down to the water. There was always some fog to make it a little more scenic. Couldn’t ask for a better wake up.

    Seawall Acadia National Park

Fog at Seawall

Fog at Seawall

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park

No better way to end a night in Acadia than drinking a glass of wine by the campfire.

Seawall Campground Acadia National Park

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