Monterey Bay + Jellyfish

This year, for our annual Big Sur Half Marathon trip, I did not actually run. I sipped my mocha latte from the sidelines and cheered everyone on while watching sea otters in the harbor. Grad school is quite the time suck and I haven’t been able to train. So instead of running, my mushy self spent the weekend relaxing and looking at Jellyfish…which are pretty much the most fun creatures to photograph in the entire universe. I tried to get a good picture of the otters but those suckers just won’t hold still.

Cheers to a wonderful weekend with my girls Ginny and Katie who killed it!! ❤

Angel JellyfishDisco Jellies JellyfishMe and the Jellies Jellyfish on FireJellyfish Blue Jellyfish   Xray JellyfishThe girls.


Big Sur to San Diego

Road trippppp!!!

Probably one of the least boring ones I have ever been on… I just got back from 4 days slowly driving from Monterey back down to San Diego after running a half marathon in Big Sur. More on that later. As for the trip with my Bestie Ginny I have 3 words: Relaxing, Breathtaking, and very very SORE. Good thing I was driving most of the time because holy hell.

We spent 2 nights at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey since we are Navy Babies and wanted to save some cash. The hotel there is super old and very grand for a Navy Gateway Inn. Can’t beat it for $60 a night. After our race we decided to head straight out and skip the aquarium and Carmel since I had already been to both. We started making our way through Big Sur which is amazing…I think many a car commercial was filmed on the curving coastal roads. We stopped at 2 really great places on the way south. The first was the Big Sur Roadhouse where we paused for a late breakfast. I wanted to stay there all day. It was drizzly and a little chilly outside and this place was so cozy with delicious fresh food. The menu was interesting and had a southern feel to it, and to top it off it was very reasonably priced for being where it was which is right off Highway 1.


After that we drove to a beach just down the road that was kind of hard to find since it’s unmarked. After a 2 mile drive down twisting narrow roads there is a beautiful beach with lots of cool rock formations and tide pools. There were only a few other people there plus a bunch of Russians shooting a music video of to the side on some rocks. Random. Unfortunately there were no dolphins or seals anywhere in sight, but the sun did decide to come out as we were getting there.


From there we had drinks at the Post Ranch Inn which is a incredible hotel overlooking the Pacific. This place is lux, about $1000 per night for the cheapest rooms, but the rooms are these little huts built into the side of the mountain overlooking the ocean. Floor to ceiling windows, outdoor showers, and crazy views all around. Maybe I can get Joe to give me one night for my birthday….hint hint wink wink.

That night we stayed in Cambria, the home of elephant seals. These are one of the most disgusting sounding animals I have ever heard. They sounded like belching zombies. They didn’t smell so hot either but they were rather cute all snuggled up on each other.


And a killer sunset to end the night!